In The Steps of Himalayan Legends

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  • The Himalayan region is a great destination for family holidays. Our family tours offer easy paced and flexible tailored made trips for everyone. Discover a tapestry of scenic contrasts and cultural richness that embodies this region. The region is home to Mount Everest, the highest point on earth which is in sharp contrast to the tiger prowling Gangetic plains which rise only a few meters from sea level. Our tours are a mix bag of strange, magical, mystical, invigorating, enriching - the list goes on - experiences. Feel the fresh aroma of tea as it whiffs through the air. Follow the railway tracks of the celebrated “Toy Train’. Stop to marvel at the engineering brilliance of its builders. Walk through thick forests of pine tree, visit organic farms and enjoy Victorian edifices that exude the Colonial charm. Enjoy a culturally enriching walk through the streets of the ancient part of Kathmandu. Catch a glimpse of the “Kumari”, the only living Goddess in the world. Our tours also take you through snow clad peaks, rugged barren high altitude deserts, green terraced fields, rustic hamlets, Victorian architecture, lush green tea gardens, sprawling green valleys and plains. We operate tours to satisfy the palate of each individual traveler. The land of the Buddha for a traveler looking for peace and serenity. Home to the intimidating Mt. Everest for an avid mountaineer.  Rushing big volume whitewater for a river runner. With several species of rare and distinct flora and fauna it is a haven for an ardent nature lover.

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